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I’m a thirty-something nonbinary IT professional, currently working in Devops. I have a master’s degree in computer science, and I’ve previously worked as a web developer, a QA Analyst, and an SRE, as well as doing my own personal side projects. If you would like to see my resume, it can be found on this very site: bay.green-gaillard.com/resume

You may see me mention any of the following machines from my home network:

  • Mercury, my original Living Room Server ™, now exploded. RIP.
  • Agni, my current Living Room Server
  • Terminus, my cloud server on DigitalOcean
  • Frankie, my desktop machine (short for “Frankenstein Computer”)
  • P-body, my primary home laptop, or Retrolappy, my previous primary home laptop
  • Raspi, my raspberry pi, primarily used as a media server via RaspBMC

You may also see me make vague reference to any of my hobbies; these include steampunk costuming, self-published novels under the pseudonym Jane Bailey, and Arduino builds.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi there ,
    I was reading about OWASP on your page here: bayley.green-gaillard.com/blog/?m=201605, which got me reading about the organization and what it does.
    There is so much data on their website that I was somewhat lost. I googled a bit more and found a list of the most common website hacks and how to deal with them (they include 15 links to the OWASP site, but somehow managed to be more organized than OWASP themselves): https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/top-10-common-web-attacks/
    I thought since your site made me look into this organization in the first place, I would return the favor and suggest you share this guide with your users, so they will have an organized place to start.
    I hope my contribution helps,

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