Why the haitus? And what comes next?

You may have noticed there’s not been any real content on this blog in a hot minute. That’s because I made a career move: I stopped being an automation engineer/QA consultant, and began working on a new team in a more DevOps manner.

My team now is called Platform Ops. We’re a cross-functional team dedicated primarily to supporting and improving the lives of the developers at my company. The devs were reorganized into product-specific teams so they could be more agile, while we ended up with the cross-platform work:¬† implementing Docker¬† containers, supporting frameworks shared across teams, and responding to midnight emergencies when Operations has no idea what’s failing or who to call about it.

Now that it’s January and I’ve become more comfortable in my role, you can expect to see more articles on this blog. The content will be different; I’m going to talk about Docker, about keeping servers running, about testable infrastructure-as-code, about moving from a monolithic Waterfall environment to a DevOpsy microservice-friendly space, leapfrogging many of the in-between steps in our quest to please the unpleasable developers.

Watch this space!

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